Junior League Groups Featured in Upcoming Episodes of VeryVera

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Vera Stewart’s carrot cake defeated renowned chef Bobby Flay’s in a showdown on Food Network; her strawberry cake made it on Oprah Winfrey’s O List of her favorite things in Magazine; and Stewart’s caramel layer cake was a favorite of designer, Oscar De La Renta, who ordered 17 of her cakes one Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to cooking and baking in general, most recipes aren’t original, but what makes them great are the twists and updates the person creating the dish brings to them, said Stewart.

During the taping of an upcoming episode of the VeryVera Show, Stewart went to some mainstay recipes that have been part of Southern kitchens for years and shared a few secrets of her own.

“These books never go out of styles,” said Stewart of Junior League cookbooks. “The key is how do you twist it and make it different.”

The episode will appear on WJBF Channel 6 at 12:30 p.m., Dec. 21, and 7 p.m., Dec. 23, and feature guests from three Junior League groups, including Allyn Dyer of the Junior League of Augusta, Mary Tyler Paradise and Melissa Jackson of the Junior League of Savannah, and Madison Anderson of Junior League of Charleston.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle, Read the Story