Community Projects

In addition to providing much needed funding to the Augusta community through our grant programs, the Junior League of Augusta, Georgia (JLA) host a variety of signature projects around the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) including:


Junior Leagues’ Kids in the Kitchen is a nationally recognized health education program that was founded in 2006 and is supported by the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) with more than 250 Junior Leagues participating around the country. Through this project, JLA provides instructional and interactive events which empower youth to make healthy lifestyle choices and helps reverse the growth of childhood obesity and its associated health issues.


Built upon the success of our Service Weekends and Weeknight committees which began in 1994, all JLA members participate in at least two Done in a Day (DIAD) projects each year. The JLA collaborates with local organizations and agencies through hands on volunteer work to meet specific needs of the community. All projects are completed in one day and provide opportunities for our members to give back to the CSRA. If your organization is in need of volunteers, please complete our volunteer request form.


The JLA works with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Augusta to organize activities and support one night each month for the families staying at the house. Activities include game night, arts and crafts, and much more.


What is JLA’s Foundations program? Junior League of Augusta has partnered with RPM to provide life skills workshops at the facility once a month.  The workshops are geared toward specific gaps the students may have that are not filled by high school courses or working in a manufacturing facility.  JLA has already held 5 successful workshops, a career fair and a dance.


Life Skills Topic

August 2019

Healthy Eating on a Budget + How to make an omelet in a bag

September 2019

Home Maintenance – Energy Efficiency, basic electrical repairs, basic toilet repairs, and making a healthy snack

October 2019

Personal Health, Mental Health, making chicken noodle soup

November 2019

Practicing Gratitude, making meals using Thanksgiving leftovers

January 2020

CPR training + healthy meal

February 2020

Career Fair (2/26), Sweetheart Dance (2/29)


Reaching Potential through Manufacturing (RPM) is a Richmond County High School launched in partnership with Texton Specialized Vehicles (also known as TSV or EZ-Go), designed to help at-risk students complete high school and gain the skills necessary to join the workforce.  Students work for TSV part of the day and take high school courses part of the day. TSV pays the students $8/hr, with the opportunity to earn an additional $2/hr for good attendance and good grades. Students are paid each week.

There are 3 shifts per day at RPM.  During the work portion of their day, RPM students make the brake assemblies for all of the EZ-Go golf carts that are manufactured in Augusta.  The students take only the courses that are needed for them to be able to earn a high school diploma. Each student has a unique path: one student might need to take classes for 2 shifts and work 1 shift, while another may work 2 shifts and only take classes during 1 shift.

Students are accepted into RPM based on their needs; the more “at-risk” the student is, the more likely he or she is accepted.

“At-risk” includes, but is not limited to:

  • Poor attendance in school

  • Failing multiple subjects in school

  • Living in a single-parent household

  • Student being the primary provider for the household

  • Homelessness

  • Teen parent

RPM has a capacity of 100 students.  Students are picked up by a Richmond County school bus each day and are brought to the RPM facility at 2920 Mike Padgett Highway in Augusta.


The JLA is proud to be a member of the Georgia State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC), an organization of twelve (12) member leagues, whose Mission is to engage in project-driven legislative advocacy efforts. SPAC is a non-partisan collective voice of more than 10,000 women across the great state of Georgia. The JLA provides two representatives each year. The purpose of SPAC is to:

  1. Support select state and national issues that support League projects under the focus areas of education, health, welfare and issues as they impact Georgia’s women and children.
  2. Educate League members on issues selected by action by SPAC and provide training in advocacy skills and strategies.
  3. Facilitate the exchange of information from community-based projects to policy makers.

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