Community Funding

The Junior League of Augusta, Georgia provides several opportunities for area educators and community organizations to apply for funding to support their project needs each year. The JLA distributes grant monies and funding through the following;


The Community Enabling Fund allows the Junior League of Augusta to allocate monies to non-profit community agencies. The grants are given for a specific purpose and, are to be used In the Augusta area. Grants are accepted annually. The Community Council then evaluates the applications and decides how funds will be allocated. Applications are currently being accepted, with an application deadline of September 29, 2017.


This program, sponsored by the Junior League of Augusta, Georgia has been implemented to provide funding for creative teaching projects. It is available to all Title 1 Schools in the Central Savannah River Area. Grants are awarded in any amount up to $500. The JLA will be accepting applications for the 2018 school year beginning in April 2018.


The Junior League of Augusta Field Trip Fund is open to all Title 1 schools and provides funding to apply toward busses, drivers and admission to CSRA museums, cultural/historic attractions, and theatrical performances. The near-elimination of field trip and travel resources in public schools has caused a major reduction in field trips funded through the school system.

The Junior League of Augusta is excited to help meet a need as we believe that field trips give students a freedom to explore, to think differently outside the classroom and the great sense of adventure. The JLA will be accepting applications for the 2018 school year beginning in April 2018.


The Junior League established the Arts Endowment Fund in 1986 for the purpose of encouraging artistic excellence. Qualified recipients were originally limited to the Augusta Symphony, the Augusta Opera and the Augusta Ballet. All Augusta arts organizations became eligible for these grants in 1993. Arts Endowment Grants are given out every even year, beginning 2016. Applications will be available in April 2018.